Who we are

We are the social branch of C&A Brasil. Set up 30 years ago, our purpose is to strengthen brazilian communities through fashion.

Using financial investments from C&A Brasil as well as COFRA Foundation, we operate by means of Volunteering, Entrepreneurism and Humanitarian Aid.

Through our Volunteer Programwe articulate a solid network of volunteers (C&A collaborators) who donate their time, talent and knowledge to social initiatives that are fashion related – in the communities around our headquarters, in the distribution centers and in our stores covering the 5 regions of Brazil.

Besides, through our Entrepreneur Programwe form national alliances in the benefit of developing and strengthening fashion entrepreneurs who fight to affirm their rights – belonging to the most vulnerable groups of our country.

As a private social investor, we also committed to answering immediately to the social, economic and environmental crisis that Brazil is facing through our front of Humanitarian Aid.

Comunidades são mais que grupos de pessoas. São também as relações entre elas, conectadas a partir do senso de pertencimento. Inspiramos pessoas a se envolverem umas com as outras, por meio do empreendedorismo social e do voluntariado na moda.

Nossos voluntários doam tempo, trabalho e conhecimento adquirido no varejo para potencializar negócios sociais. Apoiamos empreendedores de grupos vulneráveis com mentorias e conectamos à cadeia de valor da C&A.

We believe that human connection act as a catalyst for collective change.

From me to us,
From exclusive to inclusive,
From the diverse to the universe,
From vertical to horizontal,
From Unity to Community.