Our Entrepreneur Program is a result of research and reflections about the biggest challenges of productive inclusion in our country, specially to socially vulnerable communities- where, many times, fashion business comes out of necessity and by the lack of opportunities in formal jobs.

Besides, our role is part of C&A understanding that as a large retail company, it must share with fashion entrepreneurs our experience and the knowledge produced over decades of work.

In the face of that, our goal is to support fashion entrepreneurs who fight to affirm their rights - as minorities such as the black population, the LGBTQIAP+ community, migrants, refugees, women, people with disabilities, people over 60, people from indigenous populations, quilombo communities and those who have been incarcerated, amongst others.

Para fortalecer o empreendedorismo na moda, atuamos de duas formas:


  • We invest in initiatives to the development and strengthening of fashion business, executed through intermediary organizations or by Instituto C&A. Ex: Acceleration process, incubation, mentorship, microcredit, capacitation, content production, and so on.


  • We articulate the connection of fashion business supported through C&A chain of value, in platforms built to promote dialogue between entrepreneurs and the company, pontual or continuous.